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Did you know?

What Difference Does an Election Make?

I have been repeatedly asked in recent months “What Difference Does an Election Make”? I strongly believe that this significant watershed mid-term election could provide the ignition the market needs to get back to the 12,000 level. Here are a few bullet points which help to illustrate my thoughts:

· Over the last 60 plus years the market has never declined in the 2 quarters following mid-term elections, with the average market gain being over 18% – that makes Dow 12,500 possible next year.

· A generational event has taken place! Deficits and debt have outraged the public and they demand CHANGE! This deeply concerned public has roared. Washington will see new faces and new ideas. We will find our way back to fiscal responsibility. We need a new tax structure which is fair, easy & predictable. Maybe it is time

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CoreStates 2009 3Q Review & Outlook

At CoreStates, a foundational belief is in the unpredictability of the future. Few would argue with this simple truth. Yet, few in the financial services industry honor this fact in the design of their services to clients. Most, in fact, tout their ability to predict the future as a key reason to entrust your assets to their supervision and management (and fees).

At the current time – three-quarters of the way through 2009 – we would ask these companies and their clients, “So, how is this working out for you?” Many, we suspect, would lament the fact that they became net sellers of stocks during the first quarter decline to the March lows, then stood by as stocks gained 15% to 30% through the second quarter and repeated that performance in the third quarter.Now, as the fourth quarter begins and they still struggle

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Are you Underinsured?

Check your automobile insurance coverage! Look at the declarations page. Make sure you have enough coverage to protect yourself and loved ones.

All of us who drive know that Pennsylvania Law requires that we carry automobile insurance. However, Pennsylvania Law requires that we carry only minimal coverage: $15,000 for liability and $5,000 in medical coverage. But that is not nearly enough to protect yourself or your loved ones. Please allow me to tell you some horror stories that will help emphasize my point. The names have been changed to protect their anonymity.

John Houseman was driving his fiancé home after having seen a movie. It was a little after midnight. He was traveling through a steady green light at the intersection of Grant Avenue and Academy Road when suddenly he was struck in the driver’s side by a Ford F-150 driven

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