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White House And Business | CoreStates Capital Advisors

White House and Business

What Difference Does an Election Make?

I have been repeatedly asked in recent months “What Difference Does an Election Make”? I strongly believe that this significant watershed mid-term election could provide the ignition the market needs to get back to the 12,000 level. Here are a few bullet points which help to illustrate my thoughts:

· Over the last 60 plus years the market has never declined in the 2 quarters following mid-term elections, with the average market gain being over 18% – that makes Dow 12,500 possible next year.

· A generational event has taken place! Deficits and debt have outraged the public and they demand CHANGE! This deeply concerned public has roared. Washington will see new faces and new ideas. We will find our way back to fiscal responsibility. We need a new tax structure which is fair, easy & predictable. Maybe it is time

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The White House vs. Business

I’m always trying to find interesting information that will allow you to make intelligent decisions. Last weekend I spent several hours reading various publications and thought I would share some interesting information coming from Business Week magazine.

As you read the comments, you can see how various aspects of the economic recovery plan are being challenged by businesses.

What the White House wants: Emissions 

To cut emissions that cause global warming, the Administration proposes a “tap and trade” system. This would require companies to pay $646 billion over eight years to buy the tradable rights to emit such pollutants. Much of the money would be returned to consumers.

What business thinks: 

Many companies do not oppose a price tag on carbon emissions, since it provides more certainty and boosts investments in efficiency and renewable energy. But they worry that selling all of the permits from the start can More >

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