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OUR SOLUTIONS | CoreStates Capital Advisors


Our Solutions


One of our main concerns at CoreStates is that inves­tors fully understand their position in the markets and better appreciate the role they play in safeguarding their own long-term wealth. Most money managers would prefer that their clients stay in the dark, and frankly many wealthy people have turned a blind eye toward their own money, either for lack of confidence, fear, or disinterest in the technicalities of investing.

Our Solutions

We understand why this happens, and we respect your abilities and intelligence in gathering wealth in the first place. That’s why we work hard to help each client learn how to properly engage their money and get over fears they might have. The first step, is to fully understand who you are by testing your Investor DNA.

Through a simple online questionnaire — it takes about 10 minutes — we begin the conversation. The answers you provide result in a five-page report that will give you insight into your investor traits, psychological reactivity to investing, your “financial drive,” and your likely investment style.

The next step is to assess your current financial health by creating an Investor Profile, what we like to call a “financial EKG.” Like the medical variety, this simple, one-page set of questions establishes in clear terms your financial objectives, personal in­vesting principles, and concerns about risk.

Once complete (the questions are probing, but there are not many), the profile will help you to determine your specific investment goals, tolerance for market risk, investing timeframe, past investment experi­ence, and income needs.

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