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20/20 Global Vision | CoreStates Capital Advisors

20/20 Global Vision

20/20 Global Vision

Our 20/20 Global Vision brings a long-term perspective to protecting your lifestyle and preserving your legacy.


At CoreStates, we believe global diversification is a requirement for long-term investment success. Exposure to strongly growing economies around the world can provide excellent long-term returns. It can also bring increased risk in the form of higher price volatility, but history has shown that a globally diversified investment portfolio has a strong tendency to increase in value along with the persistent growth of the world economy.

To achieve optimal diversification, investment portfolios must not only be global, they must also extend beyond the traditional categories of stocks, bonds, short-term investments, and real estate. Investments in raw materials, energy, and various alternative strategies can both enhance returns and bring increased diversification due to the lower correlations of their returns with those of the traditional asset classes.

Not only should your investment program protect your wealth through broad diversification, it should also preserve your wealth’s purchasing power over time. We typically include investments in precious metals, foreign currencies, and other assets that have historically held or increased their values when the U.S. dollar was declining.

Diversification – globally and across a multitude of investment categories – is the foundation of what we do at CoreStates. But, that’s not all we do. To guide our ongoing selection of specific investments, we monitor economic, political, demographic, and natural/scientific developments around the globe, aided by our access to some of the best minds in the global economic arena. Based on this, we identify what we believe are the twenty major issues likely to drive investment markets over the coming 20 years. We call this our 20/20 Global Vision.


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