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Core Blog | CoreStates Capital Advisors - Part 5

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20/20 Global Vision is Right on Target

One of the critical differentiating factors at Corestates Capital Advisors is our strategic view of investing. Our mission is to sustain acceptable portfolio growth with limited risk. To accomplish this we believe portfolios can no longer be guided by predominantly domestic strategies because they tend to be overly-influenced by US Monetary Policy and US Foreign-Policy. Our 20/20 Global Vision encompasses the 20 critical global issues that will influence portfolio performance over the next 20 years. Listed below are the current 20 issues that we think will have enormous influence.With recent developments regarding the Swine Flu Virus #19 best describes the value we bring with the 20/20 Outlook. Economic Issues1. Accelerating globalization The process of globalization will accelerate as expanding communications, development of transportation infrastructure, and more favorable trade policies encourage individuals worldwide to pursue a better economic life. The world will move closer to being one economic

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Are you Underinsured?

Check your automobile insurance coverage! Look at the declarations page. Make sure you have enough coverage to protect yourself and loved ones.

All of us who drive know that Pennsylvania Law requires that we carry automobile insurance. However, Pennsylvania Law requires that we carry only minimal coverage: $15,000 for liability and $5,000 in medical coverage. But that is not nearly enough to protect yourself or your loved ones. Please allow me to tell you some horror stories that will help emphasize my point. The names have been changed to protect their anonymity.

John Houseman was driving his fiancé home after having seen a movie. It was a little after midnight. He was traveling through a steady green light at the intersection of Grant Avenue and Academy Road when suddenly he was struck in the driver’s side by a Ford F-150 driven

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The White House vs. Business

I’m always trying to find interesting information that will allow you to make intelligent decisions. Last weekend I spent several hours reading various publications and thought I would share some interesting information coming from Business Week magazine.

As you read the comments, you can see how various aspects of the economic recovery plan are being challenged by businesses.

What the White House wants: Emissions 

To cut emissions that cause global warming, the Administration proposes a “tap and trade” system. This would require companies to pay $646 billion over eight years to buy the tradable rights to emit such pollutants. Much of the money would be returned to consumers.

What business thinks: 

Many companies do not oppose a price tag on carbon emissions, since it provides more certainty and boosts investments in efficiency and renewable energy. But they worry that selling all of the permits from the start can More >


Mark-to-Market Accounting

Have you ever stopped to wonder why in 2008 all of Wall Street pretty much failed? Why not in 1973 during the Arab Oil Embargo? Why not in 1987 after the crash? The Dow dropped 28% on black Monday – 52% that quarter, but only EF Hutton failed.Did you know that FASB 157 went into effect November 15, 2007? Interesting……..

As evidenced by the chart, we have been here before, albeit for all different reasons. In the 1973-1974 downturn the trigger was the Arab Oil Embargo. The contraction of 2000-2002 was prolonged by 9-11. The current collapse has been frequently compared to the Great Depression. History will one day show that both may have been born of the same mother. Mark-to-market accounting rules caused banks to fail in the Great Depression, not from bad loans, but from writing down values at the behest

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Who Can you Trust?

Once again, greed has rocked the foundation of our financial system. It has led to dishonesty, outright theft, and pervasive emotional detachment, and has caused each of us to question every financial relationship we have.

Our trust in our financial institutions is gone.We have been deceived by Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, Congress, the SEC, AIG, Citigroup, and most recently Bernard Madoff. Each of these, in its own way, has shown that the further away from the investor an institution is, the greater the emotional detachment,and the easier it is for the institution to betray its clients’ trust.

In this environment, “transparency” becomes critically important. The literal derivation of “transparent” is “able to see through.” In financial relationships, it means the ability of the client to actually see the activities their financial services provider is undertaking on their behalf.

We have established and More >

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