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Our Firm

Our Firm

Our Firm is designed to protect your assets from excessive volatility and preserve their long-term value.

We manage our clients’ investments accordingly – with broad diversification and a long-term, global perspective. Short-term market gyrations are of limited interest to us. Our firm focus on the twenty major trends, cycles and developments around the world that we believe are most likely to drive the price of:

  • stocks
  •  bonds
  • real estate
  • commodities
  • the value of the U.S. dollar.


Then we carefully select prudent investments that reflect these expectations.

In our bond investments, we demand high quality and ready liquidity. We seek reasonably priced stocks that will participate in the growth of the world economy. We typically own energy and materials-related assets where we believe demand will exceed supply for an extended period of time. Where appropriate, we employ other sources of higher investment returns like long/short and multi-strategy hedge funds.

To preserve our clients’ long-term purchasing power, we will often invest in real estate-related assets as well as natural resources, and sometimes in foreign currencies.

Why such a broad range of investments? Because investment diversification is the single most effective strategy for reducing investment risk while at the same time providing the opportunity for enhanced returns.

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