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Investor Profile Questionnaire | CoreStates Capital Advisors

Investor Profile Questionnaire


Investment Strategies For The 21st Century

Just as a medical EKG measures the health of your heart, the CoreStates Investor Profile works as a “Financial EKG” measuring the strength of your finances. Completing a CoreStates Investor Profile is the first step in achieving your investment goals.

The purpose of this profile is to clearly define your financial objectives, investing principles and risk concerns. The following questions are designed to capture your specific investment goals, tolerance for market risk, timeframe, past investment experience, and income needs.

We appreciate your time and feedback. Additional space is available to address any concerns you may have that are not specifically identified in the profile.

Proposal Questionnaire

First Name (required)
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Year Of Birth
Employer Name
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Employer Address
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Your Other Personal Goal (required)
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5-7 Year Expectations (required)
If your portfolio declines by 10% you would say that: (required)
Time Horizon (required)
Personal feelings towrds investing (required)

Please Contact Us if you have any questions about your questionnaire.

Before opening an account, we will provide you with a client agreement and a copy of our ADV Part II, which will detail all relevant aspects of our business, including our pricing schedule. See our fee schedule

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